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Financial Literacy

Improving Financial Literacy

The AMEDF Alliance is a public-private sector partnership to help individuals make better financial decisions. From buying a home, saving for college and retirement to evaluating debt, the AMEDF Alliance provides education, tools and resources to help you better manage your finances.

Alliance Programs

AMEDF Alliance programs cover a wide range of topics including buying a home, funding a college education, pre & post retirement planning, debt management, emergency and disaster planning. Organizations interested in hosting or sponsoring AMEDF Alliance programs in their community should contact AMEDF by email at [email protected].

The AMEDF Alliance couples education programs and tools developed by the Financial Literacy and Education Commission (FLEC) and AMEDF with one-on-one guidance provided by professional financial counselors. Working with community partners and sponsors, AMEDF Alliance education programs are free to the public and held in easily accessible venues like libraries and schools. Subsidized financial counseling services are available to individuals and families at discounts of 70% or more based on household income.