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The Professional Advisors Committee is a group of professionals who volunteer to advise the AMEDF Board of Trustees. Each month, issues and questions are submitted by the Board of Trustees to the Chairperson of the Advisors Committee for review. The Chair then redirects the issue to the appropriate member of the Advisors Committee based upon the member's background for an opinion.

The Chair can direct the issue to several members for opinions. Opinions of the Advisors are submitted to the Trustees for consideration, although these opinions are not binding on any of the Trustees' decisions.

Volunteers interested in serving on the AMEDF Professional Advisors Committee should complete the application on this page and submit it with a letter of intent for review. Nominees will be reviewed based upon vacancies and areas of expertise.

Volunteers serving on the Professional Advisors Committee will serve for a 1-year term. Specific details will be forthcoming for all nominees who are approved by the AMEDF for service.

Submit the form via fax to:          (716) 348-3498

Submit the form via the mail to:   AMEDF, PO Box 1685, Amherst NY 14226

Submit the form via email to:       [email protected]