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Photo Gallery

Internship experiences Internship experiences Collaboration Here's the WNY Internship coordinator and fall 2011 intern working together on a project...still smiling! 161823554 Acting Here's an action shot from a photo shoot for AMEDF marketing materials... 161823555 Oops... Accidentally put on the cap backwards...too bad this wasn't realized until AFTER the photoshoot was complete! 161823556 At the start of the internship Starting with a smile! 161823557 At the start... 161823558 Interns and supervisors A group pose... 161823559 Photoshoot Getting into the moment... 161823560 Acting 161823561 Final cut This one became the main photo for program materials! 161823562 Pretending... Conmgratulations...I think... 161823563 Yeah! 161823564 Hard at work Learning valuable work experience 161823565 Teamwork Two interns working together... 161823566 Learning How exactly does this fax machine work? 161823567 I like this... So this is what a client sees? 161823568 Hello... Telephone work is perhaps one of the hardest skills to master 161823569 161823570 161823571 Celebration dinner 161823572 161823573 161823574 161823575 161823576 161823577 Trivia contest and prizes Interns answered trivia questions based on their internship and got to pick a prize (blind pick) from the prize bag for a correct answer 161823578 161823579 Executive Director Always good to have the AMEDF Executive Director smiling at the end of an internship... 161823580 161823581 161823582 161823583 161823584 161823585 Regulatory meeting Interns participated in meetings and discussions involving regulatory issues 161823586 Watch and learn Interns start by by observing office operations 161823587 161823588 161823589 Another dinner Interns participate in many real-world functions, including dinners! 161823590 161823591 161823592 161823593 161823594 161823595 161823596 161823597 Lunch ...and lunches too! 161823598 161823599 161823600 200238988 200239065