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Career Exploration Workshop

What should I do with my life? What jobs are a good fit with who I am? What should I Major in to reach certain career goals? Will I have job opportunities when I graduate? Should I wait to decide? These and a host of other important yet difficult questions come to mind when considering college enrollment.

This 90 minutes workshop explores these and many other important issues on career options in order to find ones that are the most appropriate to pursue in college. Topics covered include:

  • Myths vs. Realities: Differences between notions of various careers and the realities of working with those careers
  • Fit: Finding information and learning about career options and how they match up with an individual's interests, personality, skills and experiences
  • Pathways: Determining various academic pathways and options to reach career aspirations
  • Outcome: Comparing and contrasting potential career outcomes to determine appropriate education investment levels and return on investment

To receive details on upcoming classes, please complete an Enrollment Form or email [email protected].