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College Access & Affordability

The mission of the AMEDF is to empower families for college success. The AMEDF achieves this mission by providing a comprehensive menu of resources that families can utilize to better prepare for college.

What is the AMEDF doing to make college more accessible and affordable?

Unlike those whose efforts focus on increasing the government's role in combating college attrition, the AMEDF believes that resources necessary to help families achieve college success already exist. What is lacking is a coordinated effort between the public and private sectors to meet this challenge. The Alliance was formed to accomplish this needed coordination.

The AMEDF brings together resources in college guidance, admissions, and financing and coordinates these offerings into an orderly methodology for delivery to families preparing for college. This unique guidance methodology focuses on early awareness and parental involvement in combating college attrition. By combining this unique methodology with strategies that can make even the most expensive college affordable, all barriers to college success can be removed.

Who administers AMEDF's programs on college access and affordability?

AMEDF programs on college access and affordability is administered by SY Associates, a consulting firm that trains professional advisers on college planning. The AMEDF, a tax-exempt, non-profit trust, develops education programs to engage families. SY Associates recruits, trains, and supervises college advisers servicing AMEDF programs.

How does the AMEDF help families?

AMEDF community education programs provide families with college-bound students the knowledge needed to better prepare for college. AMEDF professional training programs prepare and certify college planning specialists to serve as advisers in AMEDF community education programs.

How much does AMEDF charge for it's education programs?

AMEDF community education programs are either fully-subsidized or mostly subsidized. Fully subsidized programs are free to the public. Mostly subsidized programs carry a minimal tuition based on family income so are affordable to all regardless of financial circumstances.

AMEDF professional training programs for advisers are developed in conjunction with participating firms so training fees vary depending on the firm with which an adviser is associated.

My firm works in the college planning arena. How do we get information about participating in AMEDF programs?

Firms interested in finding out more about the AMEDF can send an email to [email protected]. Additional information for advisers is also available in the "Adviser Certification" section of this website.