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Basics of College Planning

With so many studnets entering college failing to actually graduate, what can parents and students do while still in high school to increase the odds of success?

This 90 minute workshop introduces parents of high school students to the components of college readiness critical to future college success. A thorough review of the statistics of college attrition is followed by an in-depth examination of the differences between being "college eligible" and "college ready." Topics covered include:

  • Freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior year activities that enhances college readiness
  • Career exploration, profiling and connection to college Majors
  • Sources of information to identify occupation trends, future outlook and return on college investment
  • Academic preparation and the components needed for an adequate college-prep curriculum
  • Admissions (PSAT, SAT, ACT) and curriculum tests (SAT Subjects, AP, CLEP)
  • Financial aid, government financing, school aid and private scholarships

To receive details on upcoming classes, please complete an Enrollment Form or email [email protected].