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Here are the links to web pages:

AMEDF Contact Management Database This link will take you directly to the AMEDF program database. [Password-protected: for instructors and advisors of AMEDF programs only.]

AMEDF Sharepoint for participating advisors and firms. This full-feature website contains all of the necessary resources for participating advisors and firms, including the program calendar. [Password-protected: for instructors and advisors of AMEDF programs only.]

College Board Calculators Calculate EFC and review payment options. Use this to service all AMEDF session 2 individual conferences and Scholars Methodology. Replaces the AMEDF ToolKit.

AMEDF Website This is the main website for the American Education Foundation and contains information on the organization, each of its operating chapters, its trustees and staff, its various community education and outreach programs, and other information about the AMEDF.

College Board The AMEDF is a member of the College Board, a membership organization of thousands of colleges, high schools, and education organizations. The College Board provides AP courses, SAT Reasoning and Subject tests, and other resources for education institutions in the areas of admissions management, financial aid, and college preparation.